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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Divorce is a specific process that provides couples with an alternative to divorce litigation or mediation.

In order for a case to be a “fit” for the Collaborative Divorce process, the divorcing parties need to be able to look out for not only their own interests but also for the interests of their soon-to-be-ex-spouse.

After the attorneys have been retained, an agreement is signed wherein all of the participants agree not to engage in litigation and to address all of the issues in a mutually beneficial problem-solving manner.

If experts are needed, they are jointly retained. These experts must also be trained to participate in the Collaborative Law process.

A mutually-retained joint therapist is also engaged when necessary or helpful to assist if the couple needs help to stay “on track.”collaborative divorce

While this process is not for everyone, it can be a very meaningful alternative to traditional litigation and to mediation in some cases. If a couple believes that this process is or may be right for them, they must select a trained and certified Collaborative Divorce attorney.

Amy is trained to represent parties in Collaborative Divorce cases in New Jersey.

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