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Post-Divorce Issues

divorce issuesNew situations can arise after a divorce causing people to seek expert Family Law assistance

Even when the divorce is in the rearview mirror, conflicts arise as families and circumstances change over time. It is important to seek experienced legal counsel to protect your interests when you or the other party seeks to modify court orders, Marital Settlement Agreements and Final Judgments of Divorce. 

The detailed pleadings and legal briefs that need to be filed in cases such as these require a deep knowledge of the applicable law as well as significant experience with the process of making a post-judgment application.  Often, a plenary hearing is required before a decision can be made by the Court.

These new situations that may cause a party to seek a modification to a court order, Marital Settlement Agreement or Final Judgments of Divorce include the following:

  • Changes to custody or parenting time; 
  • Allocation of post-high school or college expenses between parents;
  • Support modifications based on a party’s changes in finances such as retirement, illness or job loss;
  • Support modifications based on a child’s emancipation or graduation from high school;
  • Parental relocation with and without the children;
  • Cohabitation of the supported ex-spouse

South Jersey Divorce Lawyers at Goldstein & Mignogna, P.A. Have the Experience to Help You Through Various, Complex Family Law Issues

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