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mediationMediation is a process in which the parties meet with a neutral third party (the mediator) in an attempt to reach an agreement.

The mediator can be an attorney or a professional experienced with handling family law issues. Mediation is a confidential process to allow both parties to discuss their differences and positions in an impartial and supervised environment.

Mediation Within Divorce Litigation:

Even if you are litigating your case in the Court system, there are times when you will be Court-Ordered to attend mediation. For example, you must attend mandatory custody and parenting time mediation which takes place almost immediately after the divorce is filed. Court-mandated custody mediation takes place at the Courthouse at no charge to the parties. Attorneys do not attend these custody mediation sessions. Likewise, if you are unable to resolve your financial issues, the Court will also require you to attend private financial mediation prior to scheduling a trial. Court-Ordered private financial mediation takes place at the offices of the mediator or one of the attorneys. The mediator is selected by the parties with the help of their attorneys and the cost is usually equally divided between the parties.

Mediation Outside of Divorce Litigation:

Whether or not you have filed a complaint for divorce, you can elect to resolve your divorce outside of the Court system. Mediation can begin when the complaint is first filed or at any time during the divorce proceedings. The Court looks favorably upon parties’ efforts to mediate and will generally give you some time to do so. Some parties will need mediation for only some of their issues and others will mediate all of their issues. Attorneys sometimes accompany their clients to mediation however mediation is more commonly done with the mediator and the two parties only, while each party has an attorney with whom they are consulting along the way.

Melissa is trained and certified to mediate in the State of New Jersey.

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