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How Can a Lawyer Help with Divorce in New Jersey?

While it may be possible to get divorced without a divorce lawyer, the process is time-consuming, emotionally draining, and legally complex. Having a divorce lawyer who is knowledgeable and well-versed in the divorce process to protect your rights gives you an advantage. With experienced legal representation, you will still be part of the process, but with trusted guidance to avoid costly financial and non-financial mistakes.

How Can I Find the Right Divorce Lawyer?

If you don’t happen to know a divorce lawyer, the internet can be your best source for information. You will want to search for attorneys in your area who will be familiar with local courthouses and resources. Look for firms that focus on family law. In addition to divorce, this includes child custody, pre-nuptial agreements, alimony, mediation, and post-divorce issues, any or all of which may be relevant to your situation.

Be realistic about what you hope to achieve in the divorce and be open to mediation and other options that can save you time and money. Your consultations will be confidential, and you can write up a list of questions before reaching out.

What Should I Ask Potential Divorce Lawyers?

Ask about payment information during the initial phone call to get an idea about their rates. Most family lawyers charge upfront retainers and hourly fees, so knowing this at the outset can help you rule out the firms that are not in your price range.

Research any potential attorneys’ experience. Ask questions about the kinds of clients they have represented, their trial records, and examples of their successes in court. As the conversation continues, you will get a feel for their personality and will be better able to anticipate how comfortable you might be working with them. Attorneys who share information about other clients, constantly interrupt you, avoid questions, and are frequently distracted by other calls and messages are exhibiting behaviors that could affect your case.

Amy Goldstein, Esquire

Amy Goldstein comes from a family of lawyers, and she has been profiled by The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Today Show, and CNN. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), was a Chair of the Camden County Bar Association Family Law Committee and chaired the Camden County Judicial and Prosecutorial Selection Committee. Amy is also a parent, stepparent, and step-grandparent in a blended family who brings real-life experience and unmatched understanding and compassion to every case she manages.

Melissa Mignogna, Esquire

A graduate of Delaware Law School (formerly Widener University), Melissa is a former law clerk who worked in the Family Division of the Burlington County Superior Court. She has been practicing for 15 years and is dedicated to advocating for her clients. Melissa is a former member of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Family Law Executive Committee, currently belongs to the Thomas S. Forkin Family Law American Inn of Court and is a sought-after public speaker. She was selected to the Super Lawyers list and after meeting Amy at a previous law firm, the two eventually opened up Goldstein & Mignogna Family Law Attorneys.

A Skilled Marlton Divorce Lawyer at Goldstein & Mignogna, P.A. Can Protect Your Interest and Fight for the Best Outcome in Your Divorce Proceedings

You do not have to handle your divorce alone. A knowledgeable Marlton divorce lawyer at Goldstein & Mignogna, P.A. can be your best resource. For more information, call our Marlton, New Jersey office at 856-890-9400 or complete our online form. We proudly serve families throughout South Jersey in Marlton, Burlington County, Camden County, and Gloucester County.

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