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What Is the Best Way to Tell My Children About My Divorce?

Parents want to do everything possible to protect their children from difficult situations, and when a divorce happens, there will be necessary, challenging conversations that must take place. There is more than one way to do this as long as the children’s best interests are prioritized. Here are some helpful guidelines for telling children about divorce.

When Should I Tell My Children About the Divorce?

Preparation is the key to having a calm, productive conversation. So, once you have decided that a divorce is inevitable, take a breath and plan how and when the children will be told. If your soon-to-be-ex is willing, plan to tell the children together as soon as possible.

Plan out what will be said, anticipate their reactions and responses, and set up a time on an evening or weekend when there is no pressure to be anywhere else.

What Should I Tell Them About the Divorce?

Your children should be told the truth in an age-appropriate manner. Let them know that changes are coming and that you will be at their side for support – that is something that will not change.

Do not blame your spouse. Remember, they are still your children’s other parent.

Let Them Know What Else Is to Come

Your children may need reassurance that they are not to blame for the divorce and that things will be okay, even if it takes some time. Let them know which parent is moving out and share a visitation schedule, even if it is temporary. Also, let them know there will still be celebrations even if they occur separately.

Children react differently to this kind of news, so do not expect them to act in a certain way. Do not pressure them to ask questions; let them know you are there for them. They do not need to know the financial or legal details, so keep that between you and your spouse. Allow your children time to adjust to the news, and be open to changing your approach based on their reactions.

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